2016 FLOOD

O’Brien House Wish List

O’Brien House is the only locally governed, not-for-profit, CARF-accredited long-term residential facility for homeless, indigent alcoholics and addicts in recovery in Baton Rouge.  Funding for residential service averages 60% of the cost of providing the services.  The gap is compensated by grants & donations, the Annual Breakfast, Capital Area United Way, Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, and modest client fees.

The flood of August 2016, a once in 1000-years event, inflicted significant impacts on O’Brien House.  Our dorms took in rain runoff during the height of the storm, although we did not suffer the backwater flooding per se.  Leaks developed in the roof of our administrative & treatment building.  Remediation and cleanup is still required.  Our supply of food from the Food Bank was largely interrupted due to their catastrophic loss. The cost of food–replacing the food bank deliveries–is a minimum of $1,000 per week, and will rise as our pantry supplies are consumed.

 The flood preceded our annual breakfast–our only fundraising event of the year—by only one month.  We have heard from many former sponsors reporting they are redirecting donations to flood relief or assisting their own employees.  The shortfall in sponsorships for our annual breakfast could equal $40,000.  These are funds we count on for current year operations.  This deficit is potentially crushing.

 Like thousands of our neighbors, our staff was impacted, too.  Four full-time & two part-time staff were flooded and lost everything.  Two additional full-time staff were flooded and experienced partial losses.  At least 2 cars were lost.  Many staff and families were blocked in or out of their residence for several days.  O’Brien House maintained all staff on regular pay during the time they were unable to work due to the flood.  There has been additional payroll cost, too, covering for displaced workers.

O’Brien House, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, needs and welcomes donations, both financial and in-kind.  Financial contributions may be made very easily by clicking the button below. Contributions may also be made as a memorial or to dedicate a client bedroom in honor of a loved one.

2017 Annual Report

In-kind contributions are needed throughout the year. Items frequently needed include the following:

Twin Bed Sheets, Pillows, & Pillow Cases
Twin Bed Mattress Covers
Towels & Wash Cloths
Individual Personal Care Items

AA Books (Big Books, 12 & 12)
Spiritual Meditation Books

Dormitory Beds & Mattresses
Bed Frame UE-S-3680
Mattress Mat-C-3680 EN-B

Roof-Gard 700 Elastomeric Coating, White
24” square ceiling acoustical tiles, fire retardant

Last but not least: an upright piano!


Don't hate the addict, hate the disease. Don't hate the person, hate the behavior. If it's hard to watch it, imagine how hard it must be to live it. drugalcoholrecoverycenters.com

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