Adult Substance Education Program (ASEP), is a component of the East Baton Rouge Parish DWI Diversion Program directed by District Attorney Hillar Moore. Orientation is every Monday at 4:30 pm in the Reilly Building located at 446 N 12th Street. Clients must attend orientation to enroll into the program. At orientation, you can choose either a Monday or Wednesday evening class in the Reilly Building.

Clients attend sessions for three (3) continuous weeks and submit to one (1) random urine drug screen during the three-week program.

The total fee for the three-week program, including the one (1) urine drug screen, is $325.00 which is due by the final class session.

Topics discussed during the three-week course include (but not limited to):

  • The difference between social drinking, binge drinking, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.
  • Family roles in addiction
  • Knowing your limit (BAC levels and Tolerance)
  • Effective Decision Making & Ethics
  • Video and discussion on Choices / Consequences
  • Denial / Personal Responsibility / Responsible Decisions

ASEP Forms
Please download, print and complete the following forms and return them to O’Brien House.
Download ASEP Release Form
ASEP Form 2016

our IOP/OP Programs are available for adults meeting assessment criteria. Both programs are dedicated to providing in-depth services helping an individual address the underlying causes of their addiction, encourage and promote building a healthy recovery support system. Individuals attending the program will attend 9 to 13 weeks depending on the client’s needs.

Our program allows individuals to maintain their daily routines, while investing one to three evenings a week into the program of recovery. This allows them to gain relapse prevention skills and build a supportive recovery network.

Our program  serves chemically-dependent, indigent males and females, ages 18 and older. IOP Group Sessions are 3 times a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-8pm) with each IOP group sessions lasting 3 hours and life skill lasting 1 hour for a total of 11 hours a week for 9 consecutive weeks. OP Group Sessions are once a week (Tuesday 4pm-8pm) with a total of 4 hours a week for 4 consecutive weeks. At the end of your 13 weeks you will have a total of 100 plus hours of didactic instruction taught by addiction counselor.

For more information, contact Outpatient Administrative Coordinator Tonia Escort at 225-344-6345, extension 331 or email: Office hours are Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm.

IOP Forms
Filling out forms does not guarantee entry into O’Brien House IOP.


 "Once you realize how valuable you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not."
Written in 2015 by Brian G. Jett --- Kentucky

O'Brien House would like to thank everyone for coming out to our Open House and tour of the J.P. Lamar Female Dormitory. We are working hard to offer the females in our community excellent support and care.






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